Yoshi was born in 1983 but didn't come into our lives until 1986...the family that had him didn't have "the time".... I waited in the car as my husband came down the walk with this 12 pound black & brown Pekingese on a leash wagging his tail to beat the band! It was love at first sight! That little dog gave us 14 years of sheer pleasure. He was gentle, sweet and everything good.

His health failed the last few years but we could always fix it with medicine & lots of love. This past year he had a few seizures and with all his other ailments we knew he was "tired" and ready to go. The day we scheduled putting our baby to sleep I stayed home from work because our appointment wasn't until early evening. It was a beautiful spring day and he & I walked around the yard several times....I cooked him chicken & hand fed him....his appetite wasn't too good anymore. We spent the afternoon snuggled together on the big lounge chair...he napped & I watched. Before we left for the vets he roamed around outside & did his business....that little boy had piddled in the kitchen many times the last several months but he never pooped in the house once!!

I held him, with my husband nearby, while our vet administered the final injection. Our baby was gone from this life but we know he waits for us and we will see him again. What would paradise be without our beloved pets? God is good.

So sadly missed by Mom & Dad............Jack & Pat
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