Memorial to my beloved "Bishop"
Dog's name: Bishop
Breed: German Shepherd
Date of birth: Sept. 22, 1994
Date of death: Sept. 8, 2000
Survived by: "Roscoe", and Bill & Marsha Biggs

In loving memory of "Bishop," a true and trusted friend

You brought sunshine and joy into our lives,
And for that, we will never be the same,
Your spirit and determination will live on,
And when we think of you, only smiles will cross our face.

Your life was interrupted way too soon,
But I guess God had other plans for you.
A life without pain and suffering awaits you beyond
And I can't wait until I can see you and hold you again.

Until then...we'll keep you in our hearts forever!

Submitted by your devoted mom, Marsha Biggs

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