On New Years Eve of 1988 we watched our friends dog give birth to a litter of puppies,what a wonderful way to start the new year! My daughter who was 8 begged for one but was told we couldnt get one.Two weeks later we got a call from our friend saying that the pups mother had a heart attack and the pups may not make it if homes weren't found for them.Upon choosing one that looked like BooBoo bear we brought him home.he was so tiny he fit in my hand. I bottle fed him and mixed baby cereal for him and he would sleep on our bed between my husbands and my pillow.

When my son was born 2 years later BooBoo would lay beside him on our bed and we would tell my son Michael that BooBoo was his ugly brother. As the years went by BooBoo was most faithful and always was by our side,he loved camping with us and loved catching the frizbee we threw for him.He also loved riding in my husbands truck.

Unfortunatly his age caught up with him and my husband and I refused to believe it was time to let him go. He stopped eating 2 days ago and this afternoon at 1:20 pm my husband and I stayed with him as he went to rainbow bridge.

He was faithfully at our side for 12 years, as we had watched him come into this world we watched him leave.He will never be forgotten or replaced.

He will also be very deeply missed by his family.

Michael,Cheryl,Mike Jr and Jen Mellen

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