To Creb; a heart wholsome and true.
A side glimpse with beady eyes and a smile too.
We loved you dearly so far and true.
Your leaving (us) has left us so sad and blue.
"Hootie" we called you and "Crebbie" too.
A true party animal, this is what we miss-
Your spirit so kindered and yet frail were you.
You`ve been gone for days and weeks as well,
you placed upon us a remembering spell.
Our thoughts and joys stem around you.
Your laughter, smile, style and grace
whince not to mention your beady eyed face.
"Bully" side glimpses will never leave,
for this you had as your own legacy!

Crebbie we still miss you and love you very much too!
Heartaches, stitches, and all above,
your boat wouldn`t sink for reasons to think of.
Your manner, your spirit kindered and leased
from God above who still holds the lease,
you my sweet "Crebbie" brought to us All of his Love!

The games we played when your sight was limited,
you saw with your senses, so keenly scented.
Each ball or stick, objects tossed,
none what so ever did you experience loss.
Though you were achy, troubled and pained,
not once did you look for someone to blame.
A hero forever and playmate as well,
"Crebbie" we miss you but know all is well.
You're with dear friends, family too,
and we look forward to seeing you!

We love you "Hootmon"

Your Loving family,Mommy,Lisa,Chuck,"Sadie""Mac" "Heldi""C.J." "Peanut" and "Dakota Jane"


A Most wonderful Bull Terrier.

"Mr. Hoots" Born: May10th, 1995 - Went Home to God, August 31,2000

See you sometime in the future,big Guy !!

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