In Loving Memory of "Essie"

January 1, 1986 - September 16, 2000

Dearest Essie;

I wish I could have known you when you were younger, you must have been a neat dog, even though you were with me for a very short time, I'm glad I got to give you an extra 19 months of life.

I hope you are reunited with your dad again, I hated having to make the decision of putting you to sleep but it wasn't fair to you, you could barely walk anymore and couldn't get up and down the stairs and I know you were in pain, and I wanted you to go with pride and dignity, I'm sorry I wasn't there when it was done but I couldn't bring myself to take you for that very last car ride, that I'm sure you so much loved. When I get your ashes back I'm going to give them to your Aunt Betty and Uncle Jack so that you and your dad can be together again.

You'll be sadly missed Essie, Striker and Shyann are going to take care of you now.

Good-Bye Essie

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