Our Dearest Oreo:

You were never a pet,,but a menber of our house and family! You were always there to great each of us in your own way! I think you had a different "Bark" for all 4 of us! But the special bond you and Judy had was nothing short than Love and Trust! You taught us all what it means by "Un-condintinal Love"

10 years with you was not nearly enought time,,,for we had sooo much more to do and see and share! If we wanted to find out where you were,,,all we had to do was to find Mom,"Judy". And you were always next to her,no matter the time of day or night. From when she did her painting at home,,till we went to bed! You always knew where "your" spot was right next to her.

The smile you gave to everybody were never ending. Family always ask to "Bring Oreo" along. You are loved by so many. And was comforting to know,,you had many many people wishing they had a dog like you,Oreo! No matter if it was shaking balloons,going after birds,or just playing Hide and Seek,,,you gave us a smile and a warm thought of who you are, our pet and friend!

The days seem alittle less funny now,,,no one to wake with me to take the trash out. Judy misses the private chats you both shared thru out her work day. And when we go to bed at nights,,we can not help but to think,,,we are missing Oreo on the bed.

I know that God is holding you close and keeping you safe and happy till we all meet again. I now know that when our time does come,,,when we cross over that bridge,,,you will be there to welcome us home.Thanks Oreo,,for letting us remenber that all creatures great and small are a gift from God above. You will never be missing from our lives,since you live in all our hearts!

Till we meet once again My Friend,,,,Our Friend,,,,Oreo Baumiller

June 1990 to Aug 28 2000

The Baumiller Family
John,Judy,Joni and Jeana

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