Born March 10,1983
Died Aug 24, 2000

Picking a name for our new three-week old Bichon-Poo was easy. The popular movie, Tootsie, came out in 1982. Born in March 1983, Tootsie's name was an instant choice and fit her perfectly.

Her father, Tiger, was a feisty, black toy poodle. Her mother, Taffy, was a gorgeous, apricot bichon frise.

After Tootsie died, I searched the web and read many animal memorials. The stories are all the same. Owners wrote about love, devotion and grief when their pets died. Tootsie was no different. We loved her when she was a pup, an adult and a senior. Even when she got older, she would still run up and down the hall when she was happy to see us. She cuddled in our bed. Sometimes she whined for her doggy snacks and we gladly provided them. She would stay at the door-window waiting for us to come home. We will miss her very much.

She loved the life she lived.
She lived the life she loved.

The Graners
Toronto, Canada

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