This is written in tribute to our beloved little Trojan (a purebred Rat Terrier). Although you have been gone for quite a while now, we still remember you each time we look at your son Xerox. He truly is a carbon copy of his dad even though he is twice your size.

Well never forget you little buddy. Well always remember your confident, fearless and regal demeanor. The way you fearlessly stood firm between us and any threat, whether real or perceived.

Ill always remember fondly our many walks in all kinds of weather. I loved the way you constantly strained at your leash, always eager to explore the next scent along our path beside the bayou and through the small patch of woods were you are lovingly buried.

Although we no longer live by this special place, I pass it every day and my thoughts always turn to you for a brief moment. There are those who will say there are no animals in Heaven. They are wrong! I firmly believe that no animal, human or otherwise, who gives of their love and devotion as unselfishly as you did could be denied eternity by the divine being who defines the word love.

We will always Love you Trojan!
Dad, Mom & Arrie

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