She was given to me by my father when I moved to the states from Mexico City. On my last year in highschool. Vodka was so full of life, love and yet so tiny.

~ She became my little girl like my own child. ~

Vodlka (as my mom named her), was my only and best friend. We went swimming together, she loved to play Frisbee and play also with her squeaky toys, but the Frisbee was her favorite. She was a Fox Terrier, white with brown markings, she looked like she had make up, because her eyebrows were lighter brown than the rest of her.

Vodka was and is still very special to me, because of the fact that she was always there for me. Like when I was sad, crying she would come to me lye on my lap and comforted me, or she would stand on her hind legs and place her front legs on my shoulders { like I taught her ~ to hug} to lick my tears .She would stay with me until I was calm again. She loved to sunbathe with me. She would wait until I laid my towel and the radio and the water and then she would come over and lay right next to me. Even if she was panting she would stay anyway.

She loved my parents too. My dad helped me on training her. And for my mom it was just like having another child.

She loved playing with the squirrels in the back yard and later on in my life my dad noticed she was getting old, so he went and gotten another dog so my suffering wouldn't be that painful, when it was her time to leave... He is been wonderful, he's name is Tiger, he is white also, but with black marks and freckles. He got very attached to her also.. And it was as hard for him as it was for me I think..

That evening on a Saturday, June, 2000 she was not hersef. She let me know she wasn't feeling all well. I had a wedding to go to and I didn't want to leave her she had trouble breathing so I called my brother (VET) and he just told me to make her comfortable and go on with my plans, eventhough I didn't want to.

Either GOD or herself w/Him, planned this, because as soon as I returned she was lying still and cold in the middle on the kitchen and Tiger was just winning wanting to get close to her... I cried all night and held her close to me and felt so guilty for leaving her to die alone.

But I guess she wanted to save me the pain. We buried her in my parents back yard where I place flowers in her tombstone and talk with her when I come to visit, now I have moved on my own.

Vodka was going to be 15 yrs. old this year.

Bless you my little one, you can rest now. I will always love You.

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