A few words from Laura Ferrante:

BEN: Came into our hearts1984 - Took my heart with him1999

The 14 years that Ben was with us he was the most faithful companion a person could ever have. He was always there for us and never let us down -- he was a great dog and could never be replaced either in my heart, or any other way. His loyalty knew no bounds. He loved our children and protected them unconditionally! He was the most friendly dog I have ever met. Ben got very sick very quickly and unexpectadly. He had a stoke to his spine which prevented him from walking. Still, he tried. Sitting with him at night was very painful for all of us, most painful for him trying to stay with us. Putting Ben down was THE HARDEST thing I have ever done.

Not a day goes by without a thought of him & a tear.

Ben, we miss you more then anything. You will remain in our hearts and thoughts for as long as time!

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