February 2, 1993 - September 13, 2000 - 10:00 a.m. (due to lupus)

Our Guardian Angel

It was a beautiful sunny day when Clara came into our lives on May 4, 1994. We apparently rescued her, but in truth it was she who rescued me. I was going through a difficult time in my life and though she started out to be quite a challenge the bond that grew between us can never be broken. She was always by my side, comforting me, smiling at me, cheering me up with her adoring and beautiful eyes.

As my heart is aching and my face is covered in tears; I am re-living every moment of our lives together. I am so grateful that she came into our lives and I am so grateful for each day we where blessed by her unconditional love. When first Gayla and now also Nellie would be running around and mind their own business, Clara would always stay by my side. How often I exclaimed: Clara, you are always between my feet, go I now long for her to be between my feet....

The house is so empty without her and we miss her so terribly. We know that she is in Paradise running around with new and old friends. The night before she went to the Rainbow Bridge; the image of our first Berner, Chrigi, kept popping into my mind. It was an image of him standing under our front door, barking to let everybody know that he was coming. We have a photo of this exact image of his in our album. I did not understand at first, why this image kept coming back to me until after I had held her tightly the next morning and looking into her eyes realized that she was leaving us. It suddenly struck me that he was calling for her.

I was angry at first, telling him to go away, but then I was so relieved to know that she was being accompanied by him and did not have to take the journey to the Rainbow Bridge alone. We and especially my husband, had often felt his presence around us after his journey to the Bridge; so this reassured us that even though he was not with us in body anymore; he was still with us in spirit. So we kissed her goodbye and asked her to follow Chrigi towards the Light and the Rainbow Bridge where, one day, all our eyes will meet again.

Until then she will, like Chrigi, always walk with us as they have a very special place in our hearts. And we know that she will be our Guardian Angel forever.

Rest in peace sweet girl

Marianne with Ron, Gayla and Nellie
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

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