Gracie Bodean got her wings today. After 7 1/2 years living with me and her brothers Cayuse ( a yorkie) and Studebaker, the cat, she decided to go live at DogStar. Gracie Bodean was such a big part of our lives. She was part of the team "The Barking Slippers," which is what I named my pet sitting business and called her and Cayuse because they weigh 5 lbs and they look like furry slippers.

Gracie had an inoperable brain tumor that took her life swiftly. She could have lived to be 107 and that still wouldn't have been enough time spent with her. She was bigger than a rottweiler in her mind, tougher than a pitbull in her mind, but a 5 pound maltese that lit up my life and comforted me by sleeping beside me, going for long walks, and curling up in my arms and burrowing her nose into my neck on any given moment. We had popcorn parties almost everynight... (she only ate the ones with butter). We travelled together, laughed and cried together. Her companion, Cayuse, is going to be very lonely without her. Even Studebaker the cat used to walk beside her on our early morning walks.

Gracie was special to us and I look forward to seeing her brightness there at DogStar. She's probably already trying to run the joint!!

Oh how we will miss you baby girl! I hope they have boney's at DogStar.

We love you Gracie Bodean,
mom, cayuse, and studebaker

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