Thank You Mom , Thank You had the strength when mine failed to give me wings instead of forcing me to remain in pain.

Thank You Mom , Thank You Dad...You never blamed me for the failure of my young earthly body, you sought out every possible ease and treatment you could find, you never excluded me , you always loved me.

Thank You Mom , Thank You Dad... you looked into my puppy face and found my heart , which you protected and encouraged for each and every day of my life. You made me a Queen and you indulged my never skimped or said no to anything I needed , you rarely said no to the things I simply wanted :0) I ran with the Chihuahua, Gizmo, the boys Sam and Little Boo, Sweet Sarah who will help fill in while we are apart... I ran with the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and went to many shows, I played with people from tiny Tristan to Grandma and Granddad and I was so LOVED.

My Name is Melody and I was lovingly called Melly and Me-me, I came from a long line of Champion Old English Mastiffs and was to be one of the next, but there was another plan for me and my body could not deliver the promise of my pedigree and the history of my family..... I was cuddled Like a Lap dog from the time I was picked up to my very last breathe , and seeing how I had put on well over a hundred pounds in my brief time on earth I knew the arms and lap holding me did it out of Love.

I was never made to feel undignified or a "less-than" dog, I was always made to behave , petted and adored and I knew the step and touch of my Mom and Dad from deep inside my soul. It would have been easy for you to dump me back at the Breeders when my show career was not to be , God Knows I ate enough and needed lots of vet time , but you knew I could never have left you if you weren't everything the plans had made you out to be, so you did me the honor of loving me as deeply as I did you.

You let me play, you teased me and you rubbed my aches and pains when the medications no longer helped.

You did not turn away from me when the tough choice had to be made , but once you knew you had exhausted each and every alternative you sat holding my neck , sobbing into my coat and apologized for giving me the gift that only someone who really loved me could give...

I found the wings odd at I relaxed into the gift of medication , I knew you and Dad, and Dr Leeann were crying , and as I moved slowly away I wanted to fight to stay long enough to reassure you that I felt so much stronger , that my pain was gone, I worried for a few seconds that if I let go you would be alone with no protection , and knowing your tender hearts I felt guilty for letting myself feel the Wings, they lifted me and my body no longer felt like a burden, they allowed me to ease away , I felt your sorrow as you held my earth bound shell but the sheer joy of the freedom to move and feel strong was heady....

I circled the room a bit , hoping you would feel the joy of the gift you gave me , then heard a sound I never thought I would hear again, My Momma's booming Bark and standing beside her... heading a pack of magnificent Giants was Dad .... He looked at me with Pride and I knew that He was proud of the Love my People felt for me, because that assured all who saw , that I had indeed been a wonderful Girl...worthy of my line , a Champion in my Soul.

Mom and Dad, I will always watch over you and the Mobama Pack , I will always enjoy the warmth of the castle fires and the chase for the star bunnies, I will know when you are sad and I will share your pain, but please feel for me in the chill of the fall and winter winds that we loved to play in ...please know when the breeze touches your cheek tenderly and brings a glow to your eye it is a the brush of my wings, an angel's kiss, from me to you ... Know that I was and Am Proud to be your First Girl and that I will await Gizmo and the gang, I will be there when you cross the bridge and together we will run and hunt, cuddle and dream...I will always know that my Soul made it to the Dog Star Because I was blessed by family and friends who adored me...

I will see you all in time, until then know you have given me Wings......Thank You.

Your Girl


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