On Thursday September 28, 2000 we said good-bye to our faithful friend Roxy. She was 11 years old and a true member of our family. She was very sick with cancer and had to be put to sleep. Our whole family gathered around her as we said our good-byes. I cried with my head against hers, saying "please forgive us Roxy." My husband had her head in his lap and he was stroking it, like he always did at home. She was very calm and relaxed in his lap as the vet performed the euthanasia. In a matter of seconds, she was gone. The life had gone out of her body and all I could do was cry.

When we got home, all we could hear was her barking outside, or the tags from her collar jingling. But, it wasn't her. Our 11-year-old daughter wanted her collar and kept it in a shoebox under her bed, along with some pictures of the friend she grew up with. We buried her the next day near the flower garden that she liked to lie down by. It was our final good-bye to her.

We will never, ever forget you Roxy. You were such a true friend for 11 years, and loyal to the very end. We miss you girl............................................

Love from Jeff, Heidi, Megan, Julie, and Sierra

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