Taco, Trigger & Cody

they were all given antifreeze last tuesday night...wed morning we had to put taco down he was only 15 months old he was a chihuahua he was so playful and would put a smile on anyones face...the worst part of all of this is someone was so hateful and put harm to him like this while we were at work.

cody was a mixed breed and was a teddy bear...we tried to save him but the med didnt work we had to put him down on sat.

now trigger...well the people that owned him didnt even bring him to a vet they let him suffer until he passed on his own at 3:00 am thurs. trigger was always put outside and never even loved by these people so we gave him as much love as we could and to think he was alone with no one that loved...hurts so much.

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