I adopted Bimpie from the San Angelo, Tx Animal Shelter in February 1987. He was my buddy and companion for over 13 years in Texas, Alaska, New Mexico and after retiring from the Army. Bimpie, mostly a West Highland Terrier had such a personality and truly cared for me. As a puppy I acted like I was asleep and he dragged a blanket from the bedroom and covered me. He never needed a leash as he walked ahead of me always looking around to see if I followed. For the last few months he lost his hearing and began having cataracts. Still he was always here and by my side.

He began having seizures and became weaker and weaker. I took him to the vet after becoming lame and found medication helped him but he relapsed. Last night he had a tough time vomiting and had no appetite for anything at all. Today I called work and explained. This afternoon he had no energy to get up. I took him to the vet and said goodbye buddy as he left to heaven. Although I am sad I am so glad that my buddy and truly best friend is now happy and his happy memories are what comforts me.

Thank you for being you my Bimpie. I love you!

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