~~Biscuit: Born-?, Died-1994~~

"Biscuit, my faithful buddy and pal, came to me as a stray when I was nine years old. He was a beautiful mixture, with tan-colored fur and deepset brown eyes. We fed Biscuit table scraps, and he decided to stay with us. His favorite food was biscuits, and that is how he got his name.

Biscuit NEVER barked or whined, and he stayed by my side whenever I was outside. We played together and protected each other from harm, until one fateful night when Biscuit was hit by a car. I didn't see it, but I did hear it. The screeching of the tires and the sound of Biscuit's whimpering echoed through the night into my bedroom.

The next day, my dad had to go and move Biscuit's body. My mom and I stood at our front door and watched. I didn't cry at the moment because I was in denial, and my mom said to me, "Biscuit just died, and you're not even sad?" I just stared at my dad picking up Biscuit's body and carrying it to the edge of the woods.

After that day, until we moved away a year later, everytime we drove by the spot, I would peer into the woods and look for Biscuit. It was strange knowing that he was not coming back. Until recently, I managed to keep his memory tucked away in my heart someplace. But now, it's time I bring back his memory to honor him after eight years.

Biscuit, wherever you may be in the afterlife, may you forever be as sweet as you were on earth!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!"

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