Fancy Dancer

My baby Fancy Dancer was a beautiful Alaskan Malamute who liked to laze on the couch. She would make herself as small as a 110-pound dog can and squeeze herself behind Stu's legs, only to fall asleep and stretch out and push him off the couch. She loved kids, a nd would make them a part of her pack immediately.

She saved my sister's two children from a mama black bear in Minnesota by putting herself between them and the bear and howling and growling, making enough of a ruckus that we all went to investigate and eventually managed to scare mama bear away. She got extra lovin' for that one!!

I will never have another Malamute because I would always compare them to her. She was a great companion, and I miss her terribly even after a couple of years.

Anne Chandler
Stu Chandler

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