Dear Friend,
You have always been there
You were there when I lost my best friend
You were there when I fought with my brothers
You always snuggled me when I was depressed
You snuggled me when I was sick and when I was in pain
You dried my tears with your fur
You kept me warm on cold winter nights
I shall never forget you
You always had such a strong will to live
I remember many times when you should have died and didn't
You were willing to suffer in silence to help me
Never letting on that you couldn't breath and were in pain
Life had become a burden for you, yet you never let on
You don't have to worry. I will join you at the bridge just as soon as I can get away
I love and miss you everyday

Ferdinand Francois of Barron.

Frankie was a wonderful dog living 14 years. He was suffering from congestive heart failure when he was put to sleep in my arms. He had already lived through eating a chicken bone, he spent a week locked in the bathroom with blood coming out of everywhere in his body. He lived through intestinal problems, his stool sample was so bad the vet hospitalized him for a couple of days. He was such a good dog. He lived to be 14 years, and a day short of 4 months old. The last night we had together he even played with me, trying so hard not to cough, and make me quit. He could barely breath, yet he still played like a little puppy.

Frankie was born on June 21, 1986, and died October 20, 2000. He is survived by Jack, and Remo, his protectors (they really loved you Frankie) Lory, Randy, Steve, Danny, Chris, (the people) Nala, and Tigger (the cats), and HIS girl Nikki.

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