Harley Garafalo

Harley Garafalo was a wonderful companion and best friend of my father's. She possessed so many talents from spelling to listening. Harley went to work every day with my dad for all 9 years of her life. I don't recall a time they were ever separated. Her only goal in life was to make everyone happy, and of course....to eat.

My dad treated Harley as she was a human and in turn, I think she believed she was. She went on family trips, stayed in hotels and traveled to different sates. She was in attendance at every family function and all holidays. Unfortunately, stomach cancer got the best of her, and her life was shortened at 9 years. She never gave up and wagged her tail for my dad until the very end. I'm sure she is looking down and protecting each of us in her special way.

She will be greatly missed and we can only hope that we see her again some day.

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