Far too soon for any of us to let go to such a special dog......Harley was such a good boy.  He was incredibly intelligent, loyal, beautiful, and loving.  Never in this lifetime did we expect to become so attached to such a beautiful boy.  

His life was taken by a school bus when he broke his chain and ran out in front of it.  He was only three years old.  We all miss him so much.  There are so many memories we have of him, ranging from him chasing Nikita (or being chased by), playing with his food, barking at a sparking outlet and saving the house from fire, just being so funny and so wonderful.

 I know we will al continue to cry over this loss for years, and all I hope is that when it comes times for us all to move on, that Harley will be at Rainbow Bridge to meet us all!

Love forever,
Aunt Carol, Unc, Kim, Kerry, Ginny & Nikita

PS........We are all always looking to the heaven's for the star that flickers like the beautiful green of your eyes.

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