"King of the hill"

Saying via con dios to my best friend.

Who ever coined the phrase "Dog is a mans best friend", must have had a dog like my Lucky.

We have traveled many a mile together. Been through good times and hard. He put up with me, and I him. With both of us being the "Alpha" type we've had a few skirmishes, made up and became closer than ever before. Being "Thanks Giving", I have so much to be grateful for, to be blessed with his companionship. We've laughed and romped and explored as much of this world as we possibly could. I'm sure, he and Bobby (another amazing creature) will be there to great me when it's time for us to share a star. I'm sure Lucky and Bobby are running and romping through some where is this Universe. If there is one out there I'm sure they will find it. Like the ones they've led me to,so many times before.

Lucky just let me and Bobby think we led the herd.

The Cop can put his gun away and the mailman can take his hand off the mace can now.

"They just didnt realize who they were dealing with" ;^)

Thank you God

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