Max, George & Landy Stout

Our English Cockers, Max (Mary Jane's Christmas Spode), George (Tirvelda's George Bush), and Landy (Westhill Lando Calrissian) are dog stars now.

We lost George rather suddenly in the spring of 1999 when he had a massive internal hemorrhage from an undiscovered tumor. Our dear old Max, blind for many years and well adjusted, was getting very crippled and weak with age and arthritis and the vet told us that it was time. His June 2000, death was very gentle and we were glad that we could do that for a loved one.

Landy dashed in front of a car and was killed instantly. We were all devastated that the fates led our well-behaved pet to dash into the street just as a teen sped through. He was loving and playful and we miss him terribly.

George and Max were both Virginia dogs; Max a dark blue roan and George a lighter blue roan. Landy came from Massachusetts. They all lived in centrall Pennsylvania in Happy Valley. They are missed every day.

Max - September 1986 to June 2000
George - November 1988 to May 1999
Landy - April 1999 to Dec 2002

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