Jennifer Lynn Valder



My Dearest Little Princess,

There are no words to describe the pain we feel over losing you, When we got you 13years ago,little did we know how much you would become a big part of our family,you were the little girl we could never have.Then 8 years ago you gave us 4 little bundles of joy April Lynn,Amber Lynn,Adam Robert,and Alvin Robert that look just like you,That completed our home and our hearts of love. The 5 of you were very close, you were a wonderful Mother,and they miss you dearly,along with Mommy and Daddy.

Your favorite time of the year is comming up ( Christmas) I don't know how I'm going to get threw that time, Remember when Daddy would put up the tree and you would go under it and sleep,and how you always tried to open your presents, and most of the time you did. and when Mommy was wraping presents,you would put your nose in and try to unwrap them and putting your whole head in your stocking to get your chew-eez out .we will miss your little temper tantrums,and following us all around,and most of all we will miss you at bedtime, when you would wait for us to pick you up and put you on the bed,so you can have your belly rubbed, and when we quit you would nudge us with your nose as if to tell us we wern't done,and how the 5 of you would sleep between us with your heads on the pillow and cover up with the blankets.

We found a beautiful Hutch for your Shrine,with a light that will stay on 24-7 Until we can accept that your gone.You must have the biggest Angel collection around you along with lots of Roses and gifts that your Family and Friends sent you.You sure were somthing special to have so many friends. Everyone says you melted there hearts with your Eyes and your Love.These years with you have been the best years of our lives. It's not fair that God gives all of us pet owners something so precious and dear to love and fill our hearts with only to take them away from us.

But no one ( My little Angel ) can take the precious memories away from us. So until we meet again my Princess, Sleep well, and Sweet Dreams of the day that I will hold you in my arms again.I will never stop picking up your URN and hugging and kissing you every night.

Love You Forever
Mommy and Daddy

P.S. Mommy, We miss you, and love you very much.
April, Amber, Adam, and Alvin

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