Red Ranger

Red Ranger was an Australian Shepherd (Red Merle) with a shiny beautiful red coat. I saved Red from the Vet School at Auburn University, they were about to use him as a cadaver. When I got him he had one whole side of his fur already shaved off, which eventually grew back into a thick fur that I could bury my face into. We bonded almost instantly and he was very protective of my husband, me and especially our little girl. When I saved him, he was a full grown dog and someone had obviously spent a lot of time with him because he knew commands and tricks, Red Ranger could catch a ball or Frisbee like a pro. He had a funny habit of collecting bricks he had a whole pile of them by the barn and if you moved one he searched for it and carried it in his mouth back to the pile.

Unfortunately, Red was very territorial and wouldn't let other dogs near our house. There was a pack of wild dogs that roamed our country area and one night he had a run in with this pack. When I found him in the middle of the night, I carried him to the only vet open, the Auburn University Vet School. He could not be saved and I held my darling Red Ranger as he slipped over to the Rainbow Bridge and I know he's waiting for me there.

It's been 11 years but I still miss him so much and I'm crying as I write this. Red Ranger was so incredibly special to me, they'll never be another like him.

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