(March 31,1995-October 28, 2000)

never realized how quickly life can change in that makes an incredible impact on everything you think or do for the rest of your life. It hit me in an instant when I found out my angel man's life was taken by car. He was never in any pain which makes it a little easier but he was so young and healthy, he was only 5 years old. He never deserved to die like that.

Everyday my hurts cries for you puppy. I know that you died doing what you loved to do.. run. You are Jack Russell you were made to run. In the back mind I was always so afraid that I might loose you like that. But I know you had a good life, I love you and Kitty more than anything. I had so much fun spoiling you rotten, the treats, the shopping, the parks, the constant attention. I will miss you waking me up in the morning with big wet kisses. I hope you have fun being able to run free like the wind. Keep Babo and Grampie company, and believe it or not, Kitty really misses you, she hasn't slept in your chair since you left. Please watch over us with your smile. And I promise I will take your ashes with me where ever I go.

I dedicate my career to you and when I become a Vet I hope that I can save a life from the tragedy that claimed yours. I am sorry I wasn't there to hold you, please forgive me. I will miss you forever, you will always have a place in our hearts.

We love you little man,

Love Elaine and Patrick Castro (Mom and dad), Janet Ellis (grandma), Jose Castro (grandpa) and Kitty (your buddy).

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