Wiley "The Baby" Burke

1999 - 2000

Wiley was only a little over a year old when his life was tragically cut short. I think that's the worst part about losing him...that our time with him was so incredibly short. We loved Wiley with all our hearts, and he brought such great joy to our lives.

Wiley's birthday was 7/8/99, and he joined our family on September 22, 1999 after being at a pet store for over a month. We thought he would make a good companion for our 4-year-old Chinese Pug, Jake, and he certainly did. In the beginning, Jake seemed annoyed by Wiley's antics, but it soon became apparent that the love between them was growing every day. Just last week, we noticed that they would sit together and lean on one another while resting in the backyard. I'm sure Jake misses Wiley just as much as we do.

Wiley named himself about a week after we got him. We were upstairs in the house and hurt howling coming from the garage. To our surprise, it was Wiley. And, so, he became Wiley Coyote. Wiley never really understood that his name was Wiley. I'm sure he thought it was "The Baby" or "Spaghettio" or "Dorito" or "Buddy" since it seemed like we never did really call him by his name. He never seemed to mind, though, because he would answer to any of our calls. He was just so full of love and so eager to share it with us.

I think we were afraid we that somehow we might forget Wiley because he was only with us for a year, but we now know that this is not possible. We did so many things together, and we were so blessed to have him in our lives. We even did the first annual Pug Crawl with both dogs in August, and fortunately, took a ton of pictures of the "kids."

We know that Wiley has gone to Dog Star now, but we also know that he is with us in our hearts every day for the rest of our lives. And, someday, we will meet again.

We love you, Wiley. God bless.

Bryan, Susan, and Jake Burke

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