AL died yesterday. I came home from work at 5 pm and found him lying in the basement on his rt. side, breathing very labored and slow, his body totally limp, he could not get up. By the time I arrived at the Vet's office it was about 5:43pm, I laid him on the table, and was told he was dying. He was there only there about a minute when he crossed over. No more bellowing, his eyes fixed. I kissed, hugged and cried all at the same time.

I was there for him. Eleven years seven months of life, my joy, my best reason for waking up early in the morning and best pal ever. I know that he waited for me to come home from work before he finally died, he knew I needed to be with him, he didn't let me down. He died with dignity and grace.

There is pain today, I'm not at work. There are so many things about AL I'm missing already. Please make AL one of your shining stars for me, as he was loved so much, and loved by so many. I know he's in heaven and will wait for me someday.

Goodbye my best friend,

Elizabeth (your mom & packleader)

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