Our baby was born April 14 1993, she left us on November 30, 2000. She died very suddenly late that night, when her daddy was getting ready for bed, she let out a loud yelp and fell to the floor. When we got her to the emergency hospital, they told us she had autoimmune hematogic disease. She died at noon during a blood transfusion.

She was a Lhaso who came to our family during a severe illness of her daddy. We went to the SPCA and she picked daddy out. She stayed faithfully by my side during cancer and much sickness. I attribute my getting better to the love and loyalty she showed me. Daddy Steve and Daddy Mark will forever have an unfillable emptiness in the center of our chests that Ashley left when she died. The quietness in this house since she left has been deafening! ASHLEY we will always love and miss you, may God hold you in his arms the way we used to and comfort, keep and protect you for all eternity.

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