have you ever looked and not seen? they all looked, and no one else saw what i did. i saw an animal full of life and happiness, but then again, i always was a sucker for a wagging tail.

they saw an animal who was dying. it wasn't her time, she was too happy. theoretically, i'm not supposed to get emotionally involved, but she was too sweet to ignore. and when i watched her sleep, she looked so helpless, almost as helpless as i felt.

i wish i could've helped her, but at least now she isn't in anymore pain. until we meet again, sleep well atiya.

as a note, atiya was not my dog. i work at an animal hospital. she came in thursday night a very sick dog, but still the moment i walked in the room to assist the doctor, her little tail started wagging. friday night when i was on again she seemed better, and the tail kept wagging happily, like she was begging to be scratched. then today (saturday) she seemed even more hyper, so i asked the doctor when she was going home.

as you might of guessed it turned out she was going to a different home than the one i was thinking of. even in the end when i said good-bye to her today, her tail gave a little wag.

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