Bentley & Mollie

Where do I start? Maybe with the thought we all have when time rears its head, reminding us that our existence is like the blink of an eye; a nod of the head; or like the dying star, blazing across the heavens in a final display of glory! Yes...that's how I see it.

Our Bentley came to us 12 short years ago. Brenda and I were living in Toledo then. We had been married for a year and a half. We had endured 3 first term pregnancy losses. We began to believe that adoption would be the only solution to our problem of starting a family.

I had always been around dogs...sometimes lots of them. My grandparents had 12 Norwegian Elkhounds, all at one time when I was a child. One of the many thrills I enjoyed when visiting grandma, was helping to feed all of the dogs. I loved to take part in the early evening meal routine. I got to take the food bowls out to the 4 car garage to feed the crew. Each dog has his/her place and I always remembered where that was! My family also had a special guy, Frosty, a Samoyed. He came to us when I was 12(1968) and lived 14 yrs.

I vividly recall Brenda and I discussing the idea of getting a dog for companionship. Brenda wanted a lap dog. I wanted a larger dog. We compromised and settled for a beautiful English Cocker Spaniel. We found out about him from a newspaper ad. I still remember the short car ride to the other side of Toledo to see him for the first time! He was a boundless, black ball of curious energy. He still is today, even though he can hardly hear, see, and has no use of his hind end. He's so brave and loving! After about a year, we ended up getting a litter-mate of his, a sister we called Mollie. And they have been with us through thick and thin ever since. We've moved about 8 times in our marriage and they adapted like real pros to each move. I know this next move they will make on Tuesday(day after tomorrow, Dec. 19) they will make like the brave, loving souls that they are. I had always hoped that I would awake one day and find they had passed in the night peacefully. But, not to be. Bentley lost the use of his back legs, progressively and quickly beginning in the fall of 1997. By the time we finally had our house built and moved into it in Apr. '99, he was having extreme difficulty climbing steps. The Dr.s said he had combination hip dysplasia and peripheral myelopathy. The dysplasia could have been fixed with a surgical procedure, but with the nervous system degeneration, it probably would have been too much pain for him to endure, for such a little gain in function. So, we've dealt with both doggies' slow loss of senses and abilities to walk and deal with their calls of nature.

I know now that it's the loving thing to let them go to their Creator. Their life is no longer a quality life. But it is so hard...I finally came to grips with what I had to do. A unique book I found at Barnes and Noble put me to rest with euthanasia. But I decided no cold sterile vet office would be their last memory of life here with us! My vet is driving 30 miles to our home Tuesday evening to assist Bentley and Mollie over the Rainbow Bridge to peace and love. Their final imprint of life as they breathe their last, will be a familiar, warm, and loving moment. One that will carry them into eternity, where they will wait patiently, tongues panting and tails wagging. Those eager, brown eyes will always be on guard, keenly scanning everything for a glimpse of someone familiar. Finally, when that keen sense of smell picks up the scent, and those finely-tuned ears hear the sound of their Master, spirits will reconnect once again in an overture of joy!

We will miss you terribly Bentley and Mollie! With each passing day a memory and a vision of you both will come forth from our minds. Whether these memories bring smiles, laughs, or tears, it matters not. Our hearts will be locked into oneness, longing for our sweet rendezvous! We Love You!

From michael and your loving family

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