Foxy's Maggie Rose

March 3, 1991 to August 14, 2000

My little foxy was a Toy Fox Terrier. She was smaller than most toys, but she had the biggest heart. She was a momma's dog to the end, and passed away while I was at work one day.

I always took Foxy with me everywhere I could, and she was my baby. This is my first Christmas without her, and every day hurts. I know she is at peace, but her little stocking is on the tree, and the memories are bittersweet.

My little Foxy, I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you. Your pillow sits empty, and my heart still hurts. I wish I had just one more moment with you, so I could say good-bye. I will never let your memory die. Your ashes will be buried with me when I go, and then we will always be together.

You are my sunshine, and I love you.


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