Born Thanksgiving day 1987 - July 15, 2000

Indescribably loved and missed by Hayley, as well as Kathryn and Christine and all who knew him.

Keaton, a beautiful border collie, was the best part of my life for nearly thirteen years. He was born on thanksgiving day 1987 and came to me only six weeks later for my tenth birthday. He passed away on July 15th 2000. There are no words to describe the pain of losing him. He was the sweetest, most loving, most intellegent and special dog I have ever seen.

Words also fail to describe what he ment to me or how much I loved him.

Every day with him was something I will tresure forever. The fact that he was born on thanksgiving day is not lost on me. He is the thing I have to be most thankful for. I am the luckiest person in the world to have had him as a pet.

He was our angel all his life with us and now he is one again. It is not the same without you here. Miss you so much and Love you so much.

We will see you soon angel.

Hayley (mummy), Kathryn (sis), Christine (mummie's mommy) and all your many other friends

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