Born October 6, 1985 Deceased August 9, 2000

Our little Smokey, black/tan/white, male, Chihuahua, nearly 15 years old, is now reunited with his wife, Rita and daughter, Fifi. In the past year, our baby developed glaucoma, deafness and severe abdominal pain. A humane decision was made to release our Smokey from this pain, which turned out to be cancer and had spread to his liver.

Thanks to the Animal Welfare League and Sarah for helping my family during this difficult time. Sarah came over and picked up my mom and Smokey and drove them to the Vet. I gave my alive Smokey one final kiss and cuddle before they left. I said 'goodbye' to my dearest friend.

They entered the room and Smokey was placed on the table, mom was stroking his head as he lay there. The Vet went to get the needle and as she did so, Smokey, left us before the needle pricked him. He knew it was time for him to go. My mom wrapped Smokey in a beautiful handmade crochet blanket and of course was crying hysterically all the way home.

They arrived home. It was dark by that stage, however, my step-dad, mom and I decided to have the funeral, right there and then under the clear night sky where all the stars were shining and twinkling. We kissed Smokey good-bye and I placed various flower petals on his tiny body wrapped in the crochet blanket. We placed him in a casket, buried him, lit candles, placed flowers on his grave and I sang a song to farewell our little boy.

Smokey was a great dad, fathered 7 pups and he left behind adopted sisters, Kelly (golden retriever x) and Rita (chihuahua). Yes, another Rita was recently adopted. Plus he had cousins, Beau, Cindy, Trixie, Jessie, Russkie, Patch and Paddy. Smokey left us filled with precious memories and we are blessed that he shared his life with us for a short time but it's been a good one! He knows and felt that he was well-loved and cared for, right up until his last dying breath.

As we look up into the night sky and see a burning bright star, we know you will be looking down upon us and twinkling in our hearts eternally,

Luba, Stefan, Vera, Jamie and all the furkids.

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