Butch we miss you very much. It's so hard to believe that your gone. We were blessed with 16 wonderful years with you. God wanted the best by his side, so we had to let you go. Your daddy said that was one of the hardest things he ever had to do when he took you to the vet. He had to take the entire day off work, as he cried all day long. When I was dx w/Multiple Sclerosis last year, you knew it, and when I hurt, and sat and cried, you would walk up and lay your head in my lap, and let my tears fall on you.

When I had problems walking, you would jump up and walk beside me, as if you were saying: "here momma, hold on to me". When I could not get out of bed, you would come and lay your nose on my bed, checking on me, then you would lay as close to the bed as you could. All I had to do was throw my hand over the edge, and I could feel you safe by my side. I miss you so much Butch.

You are still my friend, my confidante, my child, my protector, my heart. Romeo misses you so much. He knew you were going to the rainbow bridge, I really believe when we all said goodby, romeo knew. Romeo loves you so much. God saw that we needed an Angel in our lives, so he sent you to us. Your body was weak and hurting and you hung on, with grace, love and strength. You suffered so much and love is not suppose to hurt. That day we made the decision to let you go was like a nightmare. We miss your smell, your feel, your compassion and most of all: your unconditional love. This world could learn alot from you my friend.

Romeo, Daddy and I miss and love you so much. I know that Jesus will allow you to watch over us while you are there, just like you were our Angel here. I know you will enjoy peace and health by the rainbow bridge.

I know that your enjoying your reunion with Midnight. Please tell him how much we miss and love him. Someday we will all be together, we will all be able to cross over the Rainbow Bridge together. Until that day arrives, my friend, the love of my heart-please know you will always be with us--forever and always until we cross together.

Love....Daddy, momma, and Romeo

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