Casey Whittle

Tragedy is the only word that can sum up the loss of Casey Whittle on January 22, 2001. No goodbyes were allowed, no preparation. Just suddeness. It is unfair how you had to leave us, especially for the guilt and pain it has caused Lee. There is justification, no understanding which makes the situation that much harder to accept. It is easier now, knowing that you have Poohbear with you to take care of you, to let you sleep on top of her when your little Jack Russell body gets cold.

Maybe you will know Lucille Phillips also. She was Pooh's greatest friend and her death was sudden also. But maybe death always is. We miss you so much, your life was cut short and your spunk and personality are longed for now in our house. Murphy misses you both, he is lost without your companionship. Winnie is not much help. yet.

We love you Casey, Cameron misses you terribly. It is all to hard to accept.

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