Cody Sheele

Our Beloved "Cody" was our child. A complete joy to us all the wonderful years we were blessed with his presence. He was so full of Love and Devotion, he watched over us in the daylight and through the darkness of night, his presence gave us security and a sense of peace. He loved to play with his toys and no matter as the years went on, he still remained inside, a playful pup at heart. He also brought joy to all who met him. I Loved to see him first thing every morning this great big cuddly black ball of fluff.

We know he is with "God" now and is romping in a lush green garden. He is happy and feels no pain and this makes his passing bareable for us. Thank you "Cody" for the many years of happiness you have brought into our lives, we were blessed to have you. We know you will be watching and waiting until we meet again. We Love you "Cody Puppy".

Michael & Barbara Sheele

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