May 20, 2000 - January 14, 2001

This star shines for a sweet, silly puppy who was loved by everyone who met her.

She exacted mischief then smiled so that we blamed it on her sister. She rolled on her back to let a puppy a fifth her size chew on her neck. When she greeted us at the door she wiggled so excitedly she bent in half to one side because she'd only wag in one direction. Her favorite place to sleep during the day was the right-hand cushion of the old blue couch. Her favorite place to sleep at night was at our feet, even though we invited her to sleep curled up at our sides like her sister did.

She would eat anything; she once vomited at our feet in one pile several rubber bands, a chunk of wood, a big ball bearing, and a wad of hair. She would do anything for a slice of American cheese. One of her favorite games was to follow Suede around the back yard, digging up Suede's chew bones as she buried them, then flee grinning when Suede chased her. She loved to sit in front of the ferret's cage and just watch for what seemed like hours. She saved her water from the bowl to dry her mouth on our jeans. She hid her most treasured chew bones under our pillows. She taught us to keep our closet door closed. She hated baths but loved to play in puddles.

Connoroo, Connorina, Baby Clown Bear, Little Dentist, Helicopter Butt, Superman, my Golden Girl, my baby.

Mommy and Daddy miss you, darling, everyday. Your sister mourned for you as we did. Ana loved you dearly. Your friends cried for you here and hundreds of miles away.

But it is laughter and warmth you brought to us with your short life, and you will live long in our hearts not with pain but as our baby who always made us smile.

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