emmylou, you were a little pug mongoose, brave and forever clever. You were too young to go, not even two yet. i will sorely miss you every day. your funny greeting to me each and every day, a little wooo-wooo-wooo. You were strange and odd, you little tree frog pug dog who liked to climb from the floor to my arms and then kiss me all over the mouth. you will now be my litle dog star puppy angel.

Caid will miss you and your silly antics, you were such a good babysitter and playmate for him. you even let him eat your food while you ate too, although as new parents we weren't so happy about that. I will miss seeing you grow and play and scoot around and cause general mayhem around the house, which by the way I always loved no matter what the damage, it was always minimal.

Little Sam-Sam, my Emlou, God how I will miss you. I love you forever and always and will grieve hard for you as you were tha baby of alll my pugs. Cricket, Pagan and Taiga miss you too. I hope to see you one day, I know I will.

Love your faithful and honored to know your spirit, Allison

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