Jabo was my graduation present given to me by my husband, (my boyfriend then). I was seventeen years old. I am now 26. Jabo was a dog that was very head strong! If he didn't want to do it he wasn't. We had a nickname for him..it was "Slippy". He could walk the quietest of any basset hound I had ever seen. If i told him no, he would wait until I wasn't looking (or so he thought) and he would sneak and do it. (and of course I would let him). If we were in the yard he would be next to me one minute and the next he would be a few feet away, and keep that up until he was in the woods chasing rabbits, or deer. He has always had a life that he could run free. We have quite a bit of land and don't live near the road, so he ran and did his thing his whole life.

Jabo once went on an adventure that took him about 30-40 miles from home. It was in the summer and he of course went on a running spree. Well, he never came home. It was several months. I put up flyers, called the pounds, called vets, checked the papers......! Well, one day I went to work, and a friend of mine had taken her dog to the vet. She lived in another county. She told me that she seen a picture of a bassett hound in their office and that I should go look at it! So I called the vet and they had just taken the picture down, but I could come look at it if I wanted to. So, I went and at that instant I knew I had found him!! I called the lady and she was such a -----!!!!!!!!!!!! She told me that she wasn't going to give him back to me, that I didn't look hard enough! Well, we went to small claims court, and I WON!!!!! She got a lawyer and appealed it! So I got a lawyer to. The bad part was, she didn't even have him. She had given him away. We settled out of court and I got him back!!!!!!!

Well, we had several more years together, until he got cancer. It was a tumor in his mouth about the size of a 50 cent piece. In the back of his mouth behind his teeth. The vet gave him a year to live and bless his heart he out did that too! He lived a year and 3 months! He got to the point that he couldn't eat or drink, and the vet said that it would be time when that happened. My husband, my mom, and myself took him to the vet. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!!!!! But at least I got to say goodbye to him and hug and kiss him one last time! I told him to go play in heaven with all the other animals and chase rabbits all he wanted. When the vet gave him the shot.(euthenasia) what an ugly word!

He was looking at the floor, and when she started the shot he looked at me and it broke my heart! I felt like I was killing him, but now I realize that he was telling me thank you and that it was going to be alright! I hope he knows that I did it for him! I was the last person he saw before going to heaven, and I wouldn't have changed that for anything! He was my world and as I type this and the tears flow down my face...I know he is doing fine and free of pain! So that has to comfort me for now until I can be with him again!

I will always love you Slippy!


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