Poohbear Whittle

Pooh was a 13 1/2 year old Golden Retriever who we lost on Saturday March 3, 2001. Her time came to fast and we were only given one last night to show her how much we loved her. Her pain her last few days was the only comfort my family and I could find in what we had to do. She grew up with my sisters and I. I am 22 now and we have had her since I was 9. I find it unbelievable to think of the times we have gone through together. She was a dog who witnessed a lot. Yet, through it all she remained patient, calm and so devoted to her family. I feel as if she was a mother to me with her warm, nonjudging eyes.

The only solace that can be found in her death is that she has hopefully found Lucille her favorite friend in Heaven and that she also found her 4-legged sister Casey also. The grief is overwhelming but if I could just know that she is being loved up in Heaven and much as she loved us and us her down here it would help.

It will never be soon enough for me to meet her up there. I love you Pooh.

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