Puchai Dogson


A story I feel I must share with everyone....I came home from my friend's slumber party around 10ish in the morning. I was riding home with my mom all calm when all of a sudden she just breaks out and says "poor Puchai". My heart started beating 68 mph and I was prepared for the worst. I said "why poor Puchai?". She just burst out and said "Dad buried him this morning at 4."

All I could do was cry. I was mad but I felt a burst of relief also. I didn't feel as bad as I did when I saw Pepper die even though Puchai has been my best friend ever since I was one. I came home and just ran into my dad's room asking what happened to Puchai. He was still in the bed. I ran upstairs and my first reaction was to call my boyfriend; he wasn't home. So, I called my best friend and just let everything out. I finally gathered myself together enough to go downstairs and ask my dad what happened. He said that he found him just lying out back. He buried him next to Pepper (his "girlfriend") and Pepper II (his daughter). I'm glad he died peacefully, and I'm glad he doesn't have to suffer any more.

Puchai was old. He had arthritis all over his body, he could hardly walk, he had no teeth, and he was just sick. I knew he had to go someday, and I knew I had to be prepared for it. I remember sitting with him in the living room with it being just us and telling him how much I loved him and how he was practically a brother to me. I wish I could've told him goodbye and that I loved him again before I left for the party.

Its ironic, because before I left for her party I was thinking to myself that maybe I'd go out of town or somewhere this summer and Puchai wouldn't be there when I got home. I didn't think it would be this soon that he wouldn't be there anymore. I just felt that I had to share this with everyone because Puchai has been my "brother" ever since the bottle days and I truly will miss him.

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