United States Army Sargent Marshall AKA *SARGE*
Born 1/15/90 Deceased 3/3/01
Our precious "GOLDEN CHILD"

They say times heals can that be? We miss you so much, you had such a profound effect on our lives old man..There wasn't a singe day you provided us with nothing less than love and happiness..such a giving animal and expecting nothing in return but your belly rubbed and a treat. We cried the day you left us..we still do, you are everywhere we look..I see your remains and am happy and sad at the same time..happy that you are painfree and able to run as you loved to do, yet sad cause you're not had such a profound effect on all of us and we shall NEVER EVER forget you sweet boy! Wait at Rainbow Bridge for us, cause someday we will all be together again..

Be a good boy Sargie..

Momma, Daddy, Jas, Jarrod and Shawna Lee

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