February 9, 1999 - February 22, 2001

Sparky was the best friend any person could have. We loved Spark more than any words could ever say, and we miss him a great deal. Sparky was a funny dog. He thought he was human.

He would go anywhere we went, and he never wanted to miss anything. He had the personality that made it so easy for us to love him. From the day we got him, he thought he belonged with us. He walked right in and started eating from the food dish like he had been there all along. We know that Spark would not want us to cry and feel sad for long, and we are really trying not too. We are trying to slowly smile at all the wonderful memories we shared with him during our 2 short years together. We are expecting a baby this July, and we know that Sparky will be his guardian angel.

To us, he will always be the best friend that we miss & he will always be in our hearts.

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