What a misnomer! Our Toby (we never called him Terrible, although that was his 'official' name!!) came to us as a rescue - and what a blessing he was! He was so gentle, loving, and trusting! And his personality was unique - he loved to 'watch' TV - especially when another dog came into view. He would run to the TV set, 'talking' in his growly way, trying to find the creatures he saw. He 'sang' and 'talked' to us, and had a special way of cocking his head, perking up his ears, and soulfully communicating with you through his beautiful brown eyes. He seemed to love nothing better than sitting with us, touching us in some way, - by a head on a lap, or his back touching an arm or a leg, unless, of course, he could be in your arms!

He was too young to leave us - our Westie children have always lived to ripe old ages of at least 15 , but last November we discovered that our 8 year old Toby had bone cancer in his pelvis. Things came to climax on February 22, - he was in such pain.

I had recently performed in a play titled "Dogs" (written by Karla Jennings, a talented Atlanta playwright) - as an older dog (sounds strange, but true) who tells a younger, 'uneducated' puppy, that ..."Euthanasia is a gift that our Masters give us". Those words at least give a reason for our decision - and hopefully, in time, they will reconnect the pieces of our hearts.

Toby - we love you and miss you more than words can say .... especially your Westie brother, Woody. You were with us when we brought him home as a puppy - so you have always been a part of his life. He waits for you as he goes outside, and cries for you at the back door. As for John, Andy, Dad and me - even Ms Sox, your feline sister - we all feel the emptiness in the house. We love you and miss you 'terribly', Toby dear .....

Your Mom

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