I just had to have my dog put down today. It was a terrible experience.

My dog's name was Babe, he was a German Shepard/Siberhan husky. He was a beautiful dog, my first. My parents wouldn't ever allow me to have a pet, as they knew what kind of pain it would cause me if something like this were to happen.

We named our dog Babe, because he was our baby. My husband and I cannot have any children and so when we got Babe, he was our "baby". He has been part of our family for 12 wonderful years. I guess you never really realize how much a pet brings into your life, the joy, the sadness, even anger sometimes. They truly become a big part of your family.

I am going to miss Babe very much, he meant the world to me. My house surely won't be the same without him here.

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