I am still in disbelief some that my sweet Ben is no longer with me. He would have been 12 yrs old in August. Sheba, who just turned 12 and I have bonded due to his passing. A star would be great, and I think I would even look up in my night sky and imagine that star there.

I haven't yet made a memorial anywhere in my house, or garden. I'm waiting for Benny to inspire me, as I believe he will. Right now is too fresh though, he knows me. He'll know when to send it.

Ben's full name was Lai Fu Benjamin Bjorn Shaw, he was born August 9, 1989 and passed March 2, 2001. Lai Fu is Taiwanese for "Brings good luck". Bjorn was his family's name which is Swedish for "Bear". His Father was Porkers Bjorn and his Mother was Sissy Bamboo Bjorn who both, incidentally, also just passed in the last 8 months (I found this out just about a month before Ben) I guess he wanted to go be with his "natural" parents.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to have been Ben's "surrogate" mommy and friend. He was a great friend, confidante, and companion to me.

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