Losing our sweet Bo has really been hard on all of us. He was with us for 13 years and brought such joy to us all. To our other dogs, ALex and Pugsley, he taught them how to swim in our pool and basicly the father to them both. He was always there for us wehn we were sad, and always there to give us a good laugh.

We are all so sad right now and still look for him in the morning and none of us can sleep at night. But hopefully in time it will get easier. Bo's little brothers are lost without him. Little Alex sits where you always did and little Pugsley walks around looking for you. Riley cries at night and we (Mommy and Daddy) just hope and pray that you are not in pain any more and are happier.

We miss you terribly, you were our first born and our baby. Bo, we will miss your sweet face every day and will miss seeing you swimming in the pool and will always miss having our best friend there. We love you Bowen and will NEVER forget our memories with you. One day we will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mommy and Daddy, Riley, Alex and Pugsley.

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