Buffy...much loved

Buffy was a pure breed Golden Cocker Spanial. She started out life in another home where she was horribly abused. One day her life was to change though - she came to live with my friend Linda. Because Buffy was abused she had to learn to be a good dog and with boundless love and patience she did just that! Buffy showed her undying devotion to Linda time and time again. She adored her! And Linda adored her.

Buffy was about 11 or 12 years old when she was put down. This was one of the most difficult decisions my friend has ever made. She was moving into a place where she was unable to have pets so instead of passing Buffy on to perhaps another life of torture, she made the decision to put her to sleep. There was NO WAY Buffy would ever go to a home to be unloved. Linda misses her and loves her dearly.

Buffy...much missed.

Where you are now Buffy
You will be happy
You will have friends
You may even have the love of your life.
God bless you dear girl
I truly loved you.

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