Gidget was our Lhasa Apso sister. She didn't look like us, or talk like us, but she sure thought she was just like us! Gidget had to have her spot on the couch, or her very own chair at the kitchen table. She was a mouthy little thing if she didn't get her way too!

Gidget was born on Sept. 4th 1999 and she left us for doggy heaven today 3-14-01. We know she is having so much fun up their with all the other doggies and having all the t-r-e-a-t-s ( if you say the actual word she goes nuts so we have to spell it) a little fluffy doggy could possibly want. I bet she even got herself a pretty little haircut at the beauty shop and one of those pretty little bows. She looks so pretty with a haircut and bow.

We would each like to tell her something:

From Gabby: I miss you alot already Gidget , and no other dog will be like you.

From Billy: I Love You Gidget!

From Brandon : I Love You Gidget and I miss you.

From Mommy: I'm so sorry Fuzz Face! I love you so much! We are going to miss you every second of every day!

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